Through my 20 years of experience building online communities I’ve developed a formula for business to become connected with potential clients through online presence. In this human-centric process I use case-based creative thinking and brainstorming with my clients. The formula contains the following four stages:

1.  Setup: An analysis of the current situation, identifying the target audience. Understanding what has and has not worked so far for the business. Cleaning up the online presence, laying the groundwork for new clients.

2. Editorial Marketing Development: Turning your online presence into an original, creative source of content that is driven by your product or message.

3. Community Building: A process of evaluating targeted strategies to gather audience around your product or message. During this time, we start seeing growth in online traffic, and develop ways to preserve random visitors.

4. Drive Scale & Growth: Once we tune the strategy that works best we establish a well-defined pipeline through which online visitors turn into potential clients.

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