Website and Facebook Management For Non Profit Organizations

Keeping the website informative, visually attractive and updated is no secret if you want to attract more visitors and enlarge your community. Here’s what “web management” means to a non-profit organization:

  • Homepage keeps changing according to the latest happenings in the organization.
  • All the organization’s events are promoted on the homepage.
  • Every event gets a page with extended details and accompanied graphics.
  • No more stretched images! I create the images in the exact sizes needed for each part of the website.
  • I enhance the user experience with captivating stock photos images.
  • I initiate content out of the work of the organization. The content serves as an archive and strengthen the community, and also helps create a higher rank for the website on Google and other search engines (SEO).

Facebook and the Organization’s Website

In the past couple of years, Facebook has made some changes that place the value of community as a top priority in the social media channel. Since its popularity and support of easy navigation to other websites, Facebook has become, according to statistics, the biggest traffic driver for non profit organizations. Therefore it’s highly important to keep a constant connection between the website and Facebook, to create a path for people to get in touch with the community. Driving traffic to the website is another huge goal of mine, because it leads to higher ranking on search engines, and therefore it’s easier for potential new members find the community and connect with it. Here’s how I help on Facebook:

  • Consistent posting: making sure that there are posts on a regular basis (3-5 times a week) on the organization’s page.
  • Images designed specifically for Facebook.
  • Making sure we use all the features, such as history, albums, cover image, videos and groups.
  • Interacting with members of the community.

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Additional Perks for Your Organization

  • Flyers design: for print and digital use.
  • Free Stock images (up to 10 per month).
  • Graphic Design solution.
  • Technical support for the website 24/7.
  • More people will connect with the website and the community.
  • End of worrying about EVERYTHING that has to do with the website 🙂