Yanir (Yan) Dekel has nearly two decades of experience in entertainment, journalism, and digital media in Israel and the U.S. Formerly a publicist for top Israeli musical artists, Yanir moved from Tel Aviv to Los Angeles in 2009 and since then he’s focused on providing content-based marketing solutions to companies and non-profit organizations, using his skills in writing, graphic design, web programming and development, video and sound editing, social media and more.

Over the past few years Yanir has gained a lot of experience in providing digital solutions for small companies and non profit organization. His services, including writing, branding, design and web development made him an affordable “one stop shop” for all needs of such businesses. Yanir’s many years experience in building communities provides a unique prespective in building a mass of followers and driving traffic through social media. He’s also a WordPress expert who works with the most current techniques for SEO optimization, and frequently uses his knowledge in graphic design, video editing and marketing to create compelling content.

Formerly published columnist in The Huffington Post, Tablet Magazine and The Forward, Yanir blogged in various media outlets including The Jerusalem Post, The Times of Israel and Tapuz. His first novel, Imperfect Thing Called Love was published by Create Space in 2015. The book describes a year in a life of a gay man following a break up, and lessons learned in therapy sessions. In 2018, Yanir published “My Yearbook,” a guilded scrapbook for parents and kids.

Yanir currently resides in West Hollywood with his husband Alex, their twins Adam and Ben, and their dog Koobeh. He frequently blogs about being a gay dad on DaddySqr.com and runs the web-app radio station PopApp Radio.