Everyone has the right to love and be loved.
These two rights are actually one.
Although in our society the search and focus is mainly on the right to be loved.

The right to love and to give your love in our society of abundance, is limited mainly to the context of parents and children.

Parental giving which is basically giving to one’s self (our children are our continuation) – is considered the “correct” giving.

Needless to say that most parental giving in our society comes with an expectation of reciprocation: An expectation to be supported in old age, to be together during the holidays, expectation for grandchildren, and so on… There is no giving here, in the pure sense, that is not waiting for compensation. This is not giving for the joy of giving and the opportunity to love.

To love the different, the alien, the other…

The right to help others,

A Friend,

Someone in need,

A sick person,

The weak and disabled

Is not experienced nowadays as a right but as a burden.

Even when it comes to a family member (Who is a part of self).

We’ve forgotten what’s known to all emotionally educated people.

To love and be loved is the same.

These are two sides of the same coin. Same energy. Same right and joy and happiness.

People in need, the disabled and the ill are the people who give us — family members, spouses, and friends — the right to give. A right, which in ancient times, in “primitive” and less “progressive” times, was considered a treasure. People were eager to give then just as today people are anxious to receive. It was a “mitzvah, and the right to help others.”

But with the development of ego, personal need, and the personal vision of all to succeed and be loved, we have lost our understanding of the gift of giving to others. People do not have time anymore for listening and giving.

Listening now has become minimal.

Real intimate communication is rare.

People are waiting for the other to finish speaking so they can say their own.

Many turn to professional help to get a sympathetic ear, because none is available for free.

And here’s an old/new discovery in the emotional physics by which the world works:
The more we love the other, the more we will automatically receive love – just by giving.

This is the energy that comes back to us like a boomerang. It’s almost a physical law.

So the more we love, and give in real joy from our hearts – the more love we receive in return.

The right to love is a precious right that was given for free to all human beings. It is the same right as to be loved.

I advise to practice the boomerang effect slowly and gradually. Not to shake the homeostasis of the habit of only receiving.

Try to listen to someone every day. Then, give a compliment from your heart, express caring and also help physically.

Practice the boomerang effect and the development of the ability to give and receive. Train this ability just like at the gym. Slowly, but steadily.

Like any muscle, Love needs to be trained and developed.

Good luck!