Having the tonsils out for young kids is not so fun – and it sure ain’t fun for the parents either. This post is about how to bring out all your parenting skills, there’s no one who knows your kid better than you–so you are the most needed component in your kid’s recovery.

When I used to refer to this as a surgery, crying to my therapist how my worst fear is to see my child in pain and not being able to take it away, she told me, “Ben is not having a *surgery* – he’s having his tonsils out! 30% of the kids go through that, it’s painful, but then it’s over and they feel a lot better.”

Fast forward to two days after the surgery, at 1am Ben wakes up crying. He’s in pain. He refuses to take any pain medicine, or drink anything, because he’s scared to swallow. After spending an hour comforting him and feeling helpless, he finally fell asleep. But I couldn’t. There must be something I can do to help him.

‘Minimizing pain for a toddler after tonsillectomy,’ I started Googling.

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