Web Design & Development

Your website is your business card, and more. It represents you at any moment, anywhere in the world. It’s always there, connecting with people, leading them to action, even when you’re asleep. It has a purpose–to support your business (or personal) goals.

Working on a website is not only about design. It’s mainly about what to say and how to say it to gather people around your cause or your product. Our job is to navigate them all the way to action, to becoming loyal fans.

I work on a website from the purpose, the content, the substance, outward. Matching the taste of the client (‘beautiful’ is in the eye of the brand and for the sake of its goals!), the site’s content must also support the goals of the business, and then it must build discovery on search engines (SEO) in the most effective, most organic way possible.

Most important of all, your web site must make sense! Visitors need to understand, cleanly, clearly, why they’re here – and why YOU are here. My goal is always to help you deliver that message flawlessly.


Orange County Science & Engineering Fair (OCSEF)


Masa Gong, career and business coach


Hospitable Me, inclusive hospitality trainings


New Imperial Hotel, historic hotel in Jerusalem


Excellation, hotel marketing and sales company


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