How I Work

I provide digital solutions to businesses and individuals who have something to say to the world. I customize tools to amplify your message, and help gather a powerful community around it.

Gathering a community around you and your message requires two key elements:

  1. Constant flow of information on your subject or your work.
  2. Personal interactions and connections between you and the members, and between the members themselves.

This flow of Information is what I call “Editorial Marketing.” I see it as a service we give in order to reach out to people who share this mutual interest, and enrich their knowledge through news and shared experiences. Making yourself interesting in the field or subject of your choice not only insures that people will keep coming back to check out your website, it keeps you in their mind – and with time, their hearts – as a person to go to for the services you offer. Creating this emotional bond results in loyal customers.

Cultivating true personal connections with people with mutual interests turns these people into agents. They spread your word to the people they know in both the real and virtual world. Encouraging connections between community members creates a sense of belonging and support that makes the community much stronger and more meaningful. You are not just helping your business or your brand; you benefit a large number of people because life is better for all of us when we feel loved, connected, and supported. It elevates the energy.

Editorial Marketing

Creating new content is a method proved to be effective in driving more traffic to your website. People look for information and guidance all the time. Google processes 40K searches per second. We all want to know everything about everything. Let your website be a source for the issue or service your business provides. If you’re an artist, let your website be an open window to who you are and what you’re all about.

Enriching the knowledge of your potential customers or followers raises the potential for them learning more about you in general and your services or cause in specific. A tool I provide is to write quality articles and posts that reflect interests of people who we’re trying to target and convert to our community.

SEO (search engine optimization) is another key ingredient in making sure that your website comes up on specific searches. Making your website visually appealing and easy to navigate is also important for its popularity.

So the first aspect of Editorial Marketing is the website. The second aspect is social media which, over the past few years, has become the biggest way to reach audience.

Maintaining active Facebook and Instagram accounts is a good way to let potential followers know who you are and what you believe in. It’s a good way to spread your word and let people know you’re working (consistency is a key here: you want to demonstrate that you are ‘recently active’ at any given moment). Besides Google, Facebook has become a major source of traffic for businesses. The key is to know how to navigate between genuine posting and driving traffic without overselling yourself, and losing authenticity.

Get Personal

From my experience, few things drive interest like allowing the community to get to know you on a personal level. No matter what service you are selling, you probably have competition. I believe that showing the face and the story “behind the service” gets people to relate and connect to you. This can make the difference between people preferring your services over those of competitors.

Instagram is becoming an amazing source to share your personality and connect to people with common interests. Facebook Groups is an evolution of the old forums, which used to be virtual communities based on shared interests. Paying attention to every person individually and being consistent is a key to launching a successful community with loyal agents to your brand – and you may also discover some new friends along the way.

In my work, I use – beyond my intuition and experience in building communities – my skills in web and graphic design, web development, writing and video editing, to bring out the most compelling content that captivates people – but at the same time provides real value, a combination that stays connected.