For years I’ve struggled with the question of what a “Community” is and how once can feel connected – part of – a community. At one point these questions started to overlap heavily with my career. For over 20 years now I’ve been building online communities, helping people find their voices and fully express themselves, helping organizations find their group of supporters and use the most advanced media tools to help those who share the same interest find and connect with each other. During my career I have touched many thousands of people, but I find each experience unique and compelling.

When I come to work I come with my package of beliefs. I believe that every one of us has a message to share with the world and my goal is to bring a rich toolbox to the table in order to help deliver your message. Every message has a supportive or healing aspect – to assist other people in some way or form. That elevates the positive energy and allows the message to take a stronger hold.

My most intriguing technique is to get people emotionally attached. I implement messages from dozens and dozens of well-established and cutting-edge psychology and self-help sources – messages that people can easily relate to and find comfort in. From there, I try to direct them to support my clients’ messages and business goals without damaging or ‘commercializing’ the authenticity of the messages.

“Let’s put first thing first:
Working with Yan on rebranding my business was a real treat for us. His ability to execute a vision in a way that for times I had felt he was literally in my mind taking pictures of my vision and turning it real.
Communication was beyond my expectations and delivery was always on time.
We did work on few projects for our business, from logo, website and some of our social media.
There’s no doubt that Yan will remain my go-to person for any graphic design I’ll need in the future.”

— Ilan Halfon, CEO FitMeEverywhere.com

“Yanir is a pleasure to work with. His creativity, and ability to come up with fun and inventive designs, lends excitement to everything he creates. Friendly and helpful, he always completes tasks on-time and is clear about what is possible. Most designers overcharge and under deliver, something that has never happened with Yanir. I would recommend him for any of your needs. You won’t be sorry!”

— Ruth Irving, Temple Director