I’m here to give you tools to amplify your message.

Popularity on social media is important, but it’s important to distinguish between that popularity and the Business’s core goals. I bring to the table my experience in marketing, my knowledge of branding and web development and my design sense and creativity – along with my experience in business and management.

The outcome is, first and foremost delivering the right message to the right people – all the while getting there fast and saving money

You’ll have a consistent, highly functional, connected online presence – hassle free!

I work on growing your online community organically, which means no “fake Likes,” spam or over-aggressive “buy now” links. Driving traffic from REAL PEOPLE.

I offer support, accountability, and exclusivity.

You’ll have my phone number and email address.

Packages start from $1000/ month

Basic Breakout

Logo Design
Brand Development
Update-friendly website
Server set up and backup
Social media profiles design and launch

Editorial Marketing

Facebook page management (minimum 5 posts a week)
Including image designs, videos
One other social media platforms of your choice: (Twitter/Instagram/LinkedIN/tumblr./Pinterest/other)
Website SEO optimization
Web updates and backup maintenance
Content creation: (minimum 4 posts a week)
Up to 10 stock images
Facebook ads promotion: $100 value


Logo Design
Graphic Design for print
Web Design
Web development and programming
Writing and proofreading
Hosting and Interviewing
Brand Development
Video Editing
Music Programming
Music Editing
Advertising on PopApp Radio and Daddy Sqr.
SEO optimization
Public Speaking
Hebrew-English translations
Social Media Marketing and Management
Music Artists Management
Podcast Production