Yanir Dekel Editorial Marketing

Digital Solutions for Small Businesses: Graphic Design, Web Development, Branded Content, SEO, Social Media Management, Video Editing, Community Building.


The integration between design and content is synergy, and this is the thing I am the most passionate about; I believe that a good idea that involves developing unique content and package it with attractive design can deliver a marketing effect that takes off and "do the job for us." Here's a couple of examples.

West Hollywood Tourist Map

This "Gossip Gay" map is designed to attract tourists to West Hollywood and make them spend more time in the area. The 11x17inch map marks famous places where celebrities hang out, or places that were in the news, with the information of things that happened in this place on the back of the map.

Baby Manual

This "Baby Operating Manual" was created as an ad/poster to promote Daddy Square, an online resources for gay dads. The poster includes teasers for tips given on the website on a regular basis.