Yan Dekel

How To Look Confident in Photos

 Looking confident and likable in your profile photos – as shallow as it may seem – can open up new possibilities for work and business connections. You might not like how you come out in photos — but you probably know how important “first impression is.” Well, in the age of social media, photos are

How Gay Dads Can Help Change the Parenting Game

Former Daddy Square guest, therapist Michael McAtee penned an article on GaysWithKids.com inspired by our podcast conversation. For many gay men, a “gay lifestyle” equates to spending hours at the gym, bar-hopping with friends, weekend getaways, ascending the ladder in one’s career, maintaining an immaculate home, and listening to “pride” anthem music. As a result,

Daddy Square: The Podcast – Season One is Currently Happening

Welcome to Daddy Square: The Podcast! Husbands and dads Yan Dekel and Alex Maghen bring out issues that arise in the gay dads community as they discover the world of parenthood. Click to subscribe to the podcast: And please, please please! Rate and review us! Send us an email Season 1 1.01 You’re Still A

Client Acquisition Formula

Drive client stream to your business through online resources. Through my 20 years of experience building online communities I’ve developed a formula for business to become connected with potential clients through online presence. In this human-centric process I use case-based creative thinking and brainstorming with my clients. The formula contains the following four stages: Set

Navigating Facebook: How to Keep in Touch with Community (and Not Lose your Mind)

This article first appeared on Beth Chayim Chadashim’s bi-monthly magazine, G’vanim, June-August 2018 issue. The article encourages community members to keep in touch with each other and with the synagogue through Facebook and suggests ways to maintain privacy and avoid ‘the bad side’ of Facebook. Some people think Facebook is one big blob of noise.

June 2018: Hebrew – English Translations

Summary of articles translated by me this month for the online magazine of the LGBTQ organization A Wider Bridge: On Pride Week, The Knesset Rejects Marriage Equality Bill (June 7, 2018) [Original Article] On Pride Week, the Israeli Knesset rejected the bill for marriage equality (or in its formal name, Brit Hazugiut, Companionship Alliance, Civil

May 2018: Hebrew – English Translations

Throughout the month of May I translated a number of articles for the online magazine of the LGBTQ organization A Wider Bridge: Gay Israeli Singer’s Mom Is His Biggest LGBTQ Advocate (May 1, 2018) Two months after singer Harel Skaat came out of the closet, he had a festive birthday performance at Shuni’s Amphitheater in