Hi, I'm Yan.
I’m a community architect.
I can help you build a thriving business
by growing your online community.
Why I Do What I do

If you’re here, it means that you have something to say to the world. I want to help you do that. I believe that as individuals, each of us has something to offer that contributes to the elevation of the collective consciousness, to the development of humanity.

How I Work

I provide digital solutions to businesses and individuals who have something to say to the world. I customize tools to amplify your message, and help gather a powerful community around it. Gathering a community requires two key elements...

Who I Work With

Creative individuals and companies, musicians, artists, therapists, doctors, personal trainers, all of those who work for our culture, mind, body and soul.

Client Acquisition Formula

Drive client stream to your business through online resources. more details

Set up

Editorial Marketing

Community Building

Drive Growth

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